Bursting with Features for the Modern Massage Therapy Practice

The All-Inclusive Practice Management Solution Available

Massage ManEdger offers an unprecedented collection of easy-to-use software tools that simplify the day-to-day operations of patient care services.

Professional Website

Grow your practice with an attractive, professional website.

Massage ManEdger provides you with an attractive, professional website that is uniquely yours to promote your treatment services and your practice. It comes complete with a set of easy-to-use point and click website editing tools that enable you to modify your site to suit your practice and brand.

Everything is customizable allowing you to personalize your site… Select a website theme, choose your colors, add your logo, edit page content, insert your own images, add more pages, etc.

Website Features Include:

  • A variety of interchangeable website designs and colors
  • An extensive library of relevant, editable, ready to use website pages including a variety of modality write-ups
  • A collection of website header graphics
  • Drag and drop your menu pages in any order you wish. You can even hide or park pages to use at a later time.

Best of all our staff of experts are here to help you if needed.

Appointment Management

Manage your appointment bookings through calendar driven utilities.

Massage ManEdger offers easy-to-use scheduling tools that provide effortless coordination of patient appointments. Easily manage your appointment bookings through at-a-glance, calendar driven schedule planner. Appointments are easily booked, rescheduled, or canceled.

In addition, Massage ManEdger offers:

Online Booking – You can also make your appointment book available for patients to schedule appointments online at their convenience without having to call you to check availability – you control the time slots that are made available to online patients.

Automatic Reminders – Once approved, Massage ManEdger will automatically send your patients booking confirmations via e-mail or SMS text messages and will even send appointment reminders – reducing no-shows and eliminating the need for follow-up phone calls.

Patient Messaging

Effectively Communicate with Patients

Massage ManEdger offers effective communication tools that allow massage therapists to easily send their patients messages. The tools allows you to:

Communicate With Ease – Massage manEdger supports its own email utility that interfaces directly to your contact list allowing you to easily communicate with your patients. The system allows you to easily group your contacts into mailing lists and send messages to individual patients, specific patients groups or all of your patients.

Automate Appointment Conformations and Reminders  – Massage ManEdger includes automated appointments messages, for appointment confirmations and reminders to your patients via email and SMS text messaging. Helping to reduce appointment “no shows” and last minute cancellations.

Patient Charting

Patient Charting Made Easy – No Paper Files or Off-site Storage Needed

Massage ManEdger offers a suite of user-friendly utilities to assist in the management of your patient databases. Create and maintain patient profiles to better understand your patient’s needs and to develop long term professional relationships with them. The profiles include:

Contact Information – Patient name, street address, telephone number, work telephone number, cell numbers, email address, and emergency contact information.

Medical Data  – Physician’s name and contact information, medical history, medications, dietary information, and general notes.

Patient Notes – Remember personal details to add a personal touch to your client care.

SOAP Notes – Detailed, organized and legible treatment notes, are easily created and maintained. SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan) Notes are date stamped and can be printed for each treatment date if needed.

Manage Payments

Effortlessly Track Your Numbers – Down To The Bottom Line

Massage ManEdger supports an impressive set of account management and financial tracking features that are designed to help you organize and analyze the revenue stream of your practice and increase productivity by streamlining your daily accounting activities. Monitor your practice’s cash flow:

Receivables – manage your business income with a clear understanding of what is owing.

Billing Utilities – generate invoices and receipts.

Account Reporting – manage your practice’s income with a clear understanding of where revenue is coming from.

Information at Your Fingertips:

  • When you received it
  • Who it came from
  • How it was earned
  • What taxes were collected
  • Which practitioner earned it

Third Party Insurance Billing

Offer value added services – submit 3rd party insurance claims for your patients

The TELUS Health eClaims service is an integral part of Massage manEdger’s billing process. It allows you to seamlessly submit insurance claims to 3rd party insurers for your clients. The unified integration of the eClaims service saves you and your front office staff precious time by eliminating the need to double entry of patient and treatment information. The eClaims integration will:

  • Complete and submit your patient treatment claims with the click of a button
  • Automatically splits the insurer and patient billing portion based on the insurer’s response when not 100% covered
  • Allow you to pre-qualify benefit coverage with the insurer at patient check-in – before treatment is given
  • Store patient billing history including eClaims transactions and explanations of benefits in patient profiles along with insurance information and other patient data
  • Track outstanding claims and simplify patient account payment reconciliation, in addition to other comprehensive billing reports
  • Saves you money on credit card transaction fee

Gift Certificates

Sell Gift Certificates Online

Build your practice with online gift certificates. Gift certificates are a  convenient and cost effective service you can offer your patients and the general public. Whether for therapeutic purposes or simply relaxation, massage treatments make a great gift for any occasion.

With this add-on module, Massage ManEdger allows you to easily promote, sell, deliver and also manage the redemption of gift certificates. The gift certificate module works in conjunction with a secure online merchant account to facilitate the online purchase of the gift certificate.

The Gift Certificate tool is an optional “Add-on” module to either the Solo or Clinic subscriptions.


Online Class Registration

Offering classes is a great way to draw in new clients and build supplemental income. Online registration is a cost effective service that allows potential attendees to sign-up at their convenience – 24/7.

With this add-on, Massage ManEdger allows you to easily promote class information, accept online registrations and manage your class schedules.

The Gift Certificate tool is an optional “Add-on” module to either the Solo or Clinic subscriptions.

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  • Very impressed with your professionalism and responsiveness towards your clients. Your company is one of the best managed and run companies I have ever dealt with. And trust me, this is saying a lot, considering that I was a sales executive and consultant for 20 years, working with top 100 Canadian companies.  
    Danielle Larocque - RMT
  • I have been a subscriber since 2008. The software is super user-friendly, and allows me to keep track of my patient records and contacts. I have a multi-therapist clinic and as a result of the software I don't even need to staff a receptionist. We just do all our bookings online! I think I'm most impressed with the client care provided by Mindzplay Solutions. It's exceptional! They respond in a timely manner, coach us through challenges we might have, and are open to suggestions about features that would better suit client needs. Fantastic!  
    Beth Barberree - BA, RMT Clinical Director & Owner
  • What a fantastic product! Within minutes I had a professional, beautifully designed website for my business. My clients seem really impressed that they can book their own appointments online and everyone appreciates the automatic email appointment reminders! I feel that this technology truly lends to the professionalism of the massage therapy profession.  
    Donelda Gowan-Moody - RMT, MSc, PhD (Candidate)
  • I have been using this software for several years now it is very easy to use.  Scheduling appointments online is a very efficient function – our  patients always tell me how they love the convenience of booking online.  Scheduling appointments ourselves, in the clinic, is very quick and efficient – even when booking the same patient with more than one practitioner!  End of day reporting is also very easy to define and use – lets you setup any reports that you require as well as adjust those reports if need be.   The staff at mindZplay are the most helpful people I have every worked with.  They not only talk directly to you, they make sure they understand what you need and ALWAYS check back to make sure all is well.    I would recommend this software to any clinic.  
    Wendy Kunze – Clinic Manager
  • I have been a loyal customer of mindZplay Solutions for over 4 years, and continue to be impressed by the exceptional level of customer service that they provide.  Not only does mindZplay deliver with their practice management software, they have provided my company with fantastic customer service, always willing to address any questions and concerns I may have in a timely fashion. The staff at mindZplay ensure that I continue to be a satisfied customer, and make it a priority to ensure my individual needs are met in order for my business to run smoothly and efficiently. I would highly recommend mindZplay Solutions for any business owner- be it an sole proprietor or a large therapy clinic.
    Christianne Caskie BA, RMT